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Good morning and how are you??


Good morning everyone how are you all doing?
How is everyone doing in this weather??
Not good is it. We need to be reaching out to our neighbours and friends even more. I have seen so many struggling with mental health and the weather doesn’t help. Alot of us a little walk daily gives our head a rest.

So many sit in doors daily wondering what’s next. The police have numerous calls but alot are regarding mental health.

We are helping so many with so many things including benefits court issues and more.

We are needing more volunteers to free us up for doing more one to one work and on call outs to the elderly.

If you can help at all please click the volunteer page. Fill in the form and send.

Our food bank is for people on an emergency basis not a weekly shop. We have spoken to other people and organisations who like us have seen a rise in food requests but also finding that some are going to numerous food banks. Some getting them and selling them.

For us we get no joy from how many food parcels we give out but how many we helped to get off food parcels and how many we get their situations sorted or under control. That can be benefits, mental health, job finding, mediation and more.

So we give food to those that really are in need. So you know the food you give us is for those that are in a bad way but know we will truly help them.

We haven’t tons of food to just give away to everyone but enough for those in need thanks to the support of our community.

But also food collections happening around the town for Blackpools Voice.

We are here to make a change in people’s lives for the better.

Sometimes one food parcel, a chat, one form, plus maybe an hour on the laptop is all it needs.

Sometimes 8 weeks counselling and a change of medication at the doctors is all that’s needed.

Every single person is an individual.

Some people have addictions who we are helping to support but some we give food to sell their food parcel or swap it for whatever they are wanting for their addiction. Its making sure we reach people for the right reasons.

But again we do not take pictures of our clients. We don’t add how many food parcels we have done. We would rather tell you about the people we have helped no longer needing one.

If you would like to donate food or make a donation to our go fund me we appreciate every tin and pound that goes in. If you can not afford. Please just share this post so we reach those in need.

You can drop off to 42-44 Foxhall Road Blackpool FY15AD.

We are also registered for Gift Aid just complete the form just Click here

Donate to the Go Fund Me

Donate via Paypal

Or bank transfer HSBC Account 42268469 Sort Code 40-12-13

Thank you to everyone making a difference.

Blackpool and the Fylde residents can make anything happen especially when we give a (Blackpools) Voice to the voiceless.

Have a great day.

Need us reach out. If you are waiting on a reply give us a nudge as we are low in volunteers and doing as much as we can.

Thank you

Blackpools Voice xx

Random Act of Kindness from Sandcastle Care Children Homes in the area.


So at 6pm we have been and collected a donation from Sandcastle care. They have collected from the different children’s homes they run in the area.

One young lass we will not name has been wanting to help Blackpools Voice and wants to make a difference. She has done some collecting too.

Thank you everyone at Sandcastle Care Childrens homes the residents and staff for the beautiful hampers etc x

Thank you again

A great selection of items with a lot of thought gone in to the hampers.

Thank you xxx


42-44 Foxhall Road Blackpool FY15AD

Road Closure Blackpool Police Warn drivers.


Blackpool Police have had to close Lytham Road, Blackpool – between the junctions at Station Road and Hampton Road. Please avoid the area at this time, to assist emergency vehicles in attendance. Thank you.

Please go careful.


Let’s get Blackpool tidy.


Many times we do stories we have comments put on the link. Like “oh it looks a s*** hole and wouldn’t live there. Well we the community are bothered. It’s the small minority that isn’t. If you see rubbish dumped or a alley way full of rubbish etc. CLICK HERE and report to the council. Plus send a picture to us.

We all need to do our bit to make our town better.

If you have some rubbish to remember there is BULKY MATTERS they will take your broken fridges freezers etc but remember charities will appreciate clean working items and furniture with fire labels including us at Blackpools Voice you can drop off at 42-44 Foxhall Road Blackpool FY15AD. Please call 📞 07377433434 see if we have the space.

Any alley ways please report if they are full of rubbish and over flowing bins.

Also report Dog fouling there is just no need pick it up and bin it. So everyone isn’t trailing it everywhere!!

We have parts of Blackpool that let Blackpool down. Suggestions how we the residents can help.

This will be added to as we find more information. Just let us know. You the community are Blackpools Voice reporters.

Hear some news tell us so we can let Blackpool know and up-to-date.

Just like the contact form.


Blackpool Council update from Councillor Lynn Williams.


Blackpool Council  update


Posted on Friday 28th January 2022
Blackpool Council has today published budget saving proposals for 2022/23 with a pledge to protect and invest in local services.
It was initially expected that there would be a budget gap of £14m for the coming financial year. This now stands at £8.6m following the Local Government Settlement in December and a recalculation of budget assumptions.

In order to meet this deficit, all directorates will be required to make efficiency savings including the removal of vacant posts, renegotiation of external contracts and increased income generation.

However, Cllr Lynn Williams, Leader of the Council, said that despite another year of budget pressures, there would be no cuts in delivery of any services across the local authority, but there would be additional investment in activities such as enforcement, CCTV, cleaning of streets and alleyways, and transportation for children with Special Educational Needs.

Other proposals include:

Increased fees and charges including the first car parking increase in five years
Increased income generation from contracts with external agencies
Increased dividend from Sandcastle Waterpark
Rationalisation of the council’s property portfolio
As a result of efforts made throughout the year, there will be no compulsory redundancies in relation to the 2022/23 budget. However, there could be up to 15 temporary contracts which will come to an expected end.

In addition, a small number of voluntary redundancy requests might be received and approved where this makes a saving and can be achieved without disruption to services. Employees will also be encouraged to take a minimum of five days unpaid leave

Cllr Williams added:

“This has been another incredibly difficult budget to set. The proposals we are publishing today come after months of detailed scrutiny into every aspect of our finances.

“We know the challenges that our residents and businesses are facing as we come out of the pandemic, and the last thing we want to do is to cut services that are so vitally needed.

“That is why we have set our stall out to protect services and to invest in those that are so important to people; tackling community issues such as cleaner streets and alleyways, and enhanced enforcement.

“At the same time, the regeneration of the town continues apace and its ever-improving tourism offer is putting Blackpool in a strong place to continue its post-COVID recovery and attract visitor numbers that will bolster the town’s economy.

“Every multi-million pound scheme that we see rising from the ground from new homes at Grange Park to the hotel and tram terminus at Talbot Gateway, and the opening of the new Conference and Exhibition Centre at the Winter Gardens is creating local job opportunities and a better life chances for our residents.

“Every penny that we spend is designed to help local people and we continue to actively work with public sector partners, the voluntary sector and the private sector to minimise the cumulative impact of years of central government cuts on those people who need and depend upon our services.”

The budget proposals will be discussed by the council’s executive  on Monday 7 February at 6.00pm

See full details of the general fundget budget proposals 2022/2023
Click the link for more info.


Surprise for Sharon who has sang in many Blackpool Hotels.


Sharon Wallace Holdstock has sang in many Blackpool Hotels.
Here she was with Michael Mackintyre.
Didnt she do so well…. well done Sharon.

Love from us all at Blackpool’s Voice
Whos wanting to book Sharon this year x

Just click to watch Sharon with Michael.


To book Sharon click here.

What times are you open? and more …


What times are you open? We are open 12 till 4pm to the public.
So we are open 24 hours a week to the public but even helping someone at 2am in the morning.
We don’t take photos and never will of those that are in need. It was hard enough for them to reach out in the first place.
I’m sure if we took pictures it would boost us as people have said but they are real people we may put their lives at risk etc as we don’t know what is going on.

But all I do know its about making a difference. We will never be about how many we feed but making sure we help so they aren’t dependent on us x

So many horrifying stories some we take to the authorities for justice to be served.
From domestic violence, adoption of children to scams etc.
We never know what story is coming in next x
But we do all that we can to make it an happy ending x

So let’s say goodbye to 2021 and welcome in a fresh new year for 2022.

Blackpools Voice – supporting people-changing lives x
Thank you for your continued support.

No Electric Gas or short of something?


To anyone who is struggling financially, and has a Pre- Payment Meter
If you have less than £4 on your meter, and don’t get paid for several days… Phone and ask for a “Fuel Voucher” It is £49, and can be applied for twice a year, and you DO NOT have to repay.
A PIN number, is texted to your mobile phone.
Just show it to your top up shop, along with your gas card or electric key.
The Fuel companies do not advertise this scheme…
There is no shame in anyone saying they need help…

People should NOT have to choose between. “Heating and Eating” This is for low income families and people
On Benefits.


Blackpool Council shared this

We know that sudden unexpected costs can be difficult for people facing financial hardship.

The Household Support Fund can help by providing short term financial support to meet immediate needs and help residents who are struggling to afford energy, water bills and other essentials this winter.

As funds are limited, we will prioritise costs relating to energy and water bills but will also consider awarding a grant for other essential costs if there is an impact on the household budget.

These might be costs relating to keeping warm such as:

  • Winter clothing
  • Blankets
  • Draft excluders
  • Window sealants

The scheme can fund boiler service or repair and other essential items will be considered if they effect the ability to afford energy and water costs and remain warm and well this winter (if you live in rented accommodation your landlord is responsible for maintenance, repair or replacement of fixed heating systems and boilers).

Additional help and advice regarding affordable warmth advice and assistance, including; warm homes discount, priority services register, understanding and reducing fuel bills, energy efficiency, budgeting money, dealing with fuel debt, fuel incentives, tariff differences, switching, smart meters, green measures, addressing damp and more is available from the BCH Warm and Healthy Homes project. This service is available to owner occupiers and tenants (not just BCH tenants)

Things we can’t help with

  • Mortgage payments and ongoing housing support
  • Debt advice
  • Council Tax

Additional help with Council Tax may be available from the Council Tax Reduction scheme

Urgent support needs

Please note this is not an emergency support scheme. If you require urgent support with food, gas or electricity, Blackpool Council Discretionary Support Scheme may be able to help

Evidence required

  • Most recent full months bank/building society/savings account statement for you and any other adults in your household
  • For help with gas, electric or water costs, a copy of the relevant bill(s) clearly showing your name, address, account number, date and arrears

Application process

On submitting your application, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide.

This will confirm your application has been received and provide a reference number for use in any future communication. We aim to process applications as quickly as possible and in the date order they are received.

As we may need to contact you to discuss your application, please ensure your contact telephone number is entered correctly. Any queries relating to your application can be sent to us by replying to the confirmation email.

Fraudulent applications

We are committed to tackling and preventing fraud in all its forms.

If a claimant attempts to claim an award from the Household Support Fund by making a false declaration or providing false evidence or statements, they may have committed an offence under the Theft Act 1968.

Where the council suspects that fraud may have occurred it will investigate the matter as appropriate, and this may lead to criminal proceedings


Let us know if this helped you.

Where is open over Christmas??


So hello everyone how are you all doing??

We are continuing to help so many in Blackpool and surrounding areas.

We are going to be updating this page as we find places that are open for food, mental health etc over Christmas.

We are trying to find a venue to open on Christmas day. So many this year are feeling the brunt of everything. From low in money, loss of family members, relationship breakdowns and more.

Please help us to find a hall with a kitchen offices so we can have fun laughter food and mental health support for those need it this Christmas.

We will be open right over Christmas. Only closing Sunday as usual which is Boxing day.

So if you know a venue please give them a call, email etc.

Let’s see what we can do.

Thank you.