Good Morning and how are you?

Good morning everyone how are you all doing?
How is everyone doing in this weather??
Not good is it. We need to be reaching out to our neighbours and friends even more. I have seen so many struggling with mental health and the weather doesn’t help. Alot of us a little walk daily gives our head a rest.

So many sit in doors daily wondering what’s next. The police have numerous calls but alot are regarding mental health.

We are helping so many with so many things including benefits court issues and more.

We are needing more volunteers to free us up for doing more one to one work and on call outs to the elderly.

If you can help at all please click the volunteer page. Fill in the form and send.

Our food bank is for people on an emergency basis not a weekly shop. We have spoken to other people and organisations who like us have seen a rise in food requests but also finding that some are going to numerous food banks. Some getting them and selling them.

For us we get no joy from how many food parcels we give out but how many we helped to get off food parcels and how many we get their situations sorted or under control. That can be benefits, mental health, job finding, mediation and more.

So we give food to those that really are in need. So you know the food you give us is for those that are in a bad way but know we will truly help them.

We haven’t tons of food to just give away to everyone but enough for those in need thanks to the support of our community.

But also food collections happening around the town for Blackpools Voice.

We are here to make a change in people’s lives for the better.

Sometimes one food parcel, a chat, one form, plus maybe an hour on the laptop is all it needs.

Sometimes 8 weeks counselling and a change of medication at the doctors is all that’s needed.

Every single person is an individual.

Some people have addictions who we are helping to support but some we give food to sell their food parcel or swap it for whatever they are wanting for their addiction. Its making sure we reach people for the right reasons.

But again we do not take pictures of our clients. We don’t add how many food parcels we have done. We would rather tell you about the people we have helped no longer needing one.

If you would like to donate food or make a donation to our go fund me we appreciate every tin and pound that goes in. If you can not afford. Please just share this post so we reach those in need.

You can drop off to 42-44 Foxhall Road Blackpool FY15AD.

We are also registered for Gift Aid just complete the form just Click here

Donate to the Go Fund Me

Donate via Paypal

Or bank transfer HSBC Account 42268469 Sort Code 40-12-13

Thank you to everyone making a difference.

Blackpool and the Fylde residents can make anything happen especially when we give a (Blackpools) Voice to the voiceless.

Have a great day.

Need us reach out. If you are waiting on a reply give us a nudge as we are low in volunteers and doing as much as we can.

Thank you

Blackpools Voice xx