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What times are you open? and more …


What times are you open? We are open 12 till 4pm to the public.
So we are open 24 hours a week to the public but even helping someone at 2am in the morning.
We don’t take photos and never will of those that are in need. It was hard enough for them to reach out in the first place.
I’m sure if we took pictures it would boost us as people have said but they are real people we may put their lives at risk etc as we don’t know what is going on.

But all I do know its about making a difference. We will never be about how many we feed but making sure we help so they aren’t dependent on us x

So many horrifying stories some we take to the authorities for justice to be served.
From domestic violence, adoption of children to scams etc.
We never know what story is coming in next x
But we do all that we can to make it an happy ending x

So let’s say goodbye to 2021 and welcome in a fresh new year for 2022.

Blackpools Voice – supporting people-changing lives x
Thank you for your continued support.