Home Blackpool Please print share and deliver.

Please print share and deliver.

Please print share and deliver.

Good morning all x
Firstly to all those helping, supporting, caring, sharing, and taking time out in all of this thank you.
Anyone who can please print these and fill in. Suggestion print 1 fill in and photocopy.
Post through letterboxes so that we can all help the ones local to us. Does anyone know anyone who I could contact to ask Royal mail to deliver the flyers to all houses in the whole of Blackpool??
Not sure if they would be good enough to do for free or if we would have to pay??
If when you delivered leaflets and people need things message the page and we will do a shout out and when we get it we give it to the person who delivered leaflet. As I am worried about people going to the vunerable. We need to look after them.
Any questions and help please message the page.
Anyone elderly or vunerable needing a cooked meal message Amazing Graze Soup Kitchen and they will try and organise a meal being dropped off.

Come on everyone we can do this we have a fantastic community.

Anyone needing to call for help can leave a message on 01253364444 Leave your name, address, contact number and what you are needing.

Thank you.


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