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Petitions for Blackpool – Take a read


Our residents are speaking up and uniting for our town. The Blackpool Community are uniting to improve and protect our town.

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Close Blackpool to protect locals Click here

Blackpool has been invaded by people leaving our town filthy not taking notice of spacing. Urinating in the streets .

It only takes one to pass virus to two more then it escalates.

Our hospital report a rise in positive tests.

Please consider for the sake of our residents and future economy to stop the so called responsible people from not sticking to rules and close our town from them for at least four weeks to allow virus here to stabilize. 
Weston had a large influx of visitors and it resulted in the hospital closing, not residents have a 41mile journey to nearest A&E.

I ask government to seriously consider this ASAP.

Localised lockdowns for Covid-19 hotspots Click Here

At the moment of writing this, there have been a total of over 270,000 cases here in the UK, and nearly 2500 new cases confirmed today alone. Whilst we may very well have hit the elusive peak, to save us from hitting it again and it going even higher, we must stay on top of the areas that are proving to be hotspots for Covid-19 by introducing localised lockdowns.

In my hometown of Blackpool, these past few days of near perfect weather has brought in people from all over, and if that were to continue right now, then our rate will keep getting higher along with all the other tourist hotspots. The government guidelines still state (amongst others), to stay at home as much as possible, limit contact with other people, and keep your distance if you go out (2 metres apart where possible).

These past few weeks have been a trying time for everyone across the UK, and although we can agree that the majority of areas have seen improvements, we all still need to stay alert to control the virus in order to save lives, and we cannot do that whilst a small minority of people think nothing of utilising their new found freedom in our seaside and tourist towns and other popular areas with no thought to the people that live here. The R-number (rate of transmission), of 3 major areas in England alone have a high of 1 or above, and we need to be below 1 to truly see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have all missed our freedom, some have missed major life events, we have all missed our friends and families, and there will have been nearly 40,000 funerals not attended by so many people, so let’s not make it 40,000 more.

I implore you, please all be mindful. We need localised lockdowns of hotspots now to truly get on top of, and get over what has been a horrendous few months for so many.

“Never was so much owed by so many to so few” – Churchill

I ask everyone to respect each others opinions. We are at a very difficult time. We need to unite our town, support each other, promote our whole town and get it ready for when we are safe and ready to do so.



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