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Light a candle today for a family grieving.


Yesterday I put a post on Blackpool’s Voice asking people how they are really feeling. On this page and website I talk daily to people that struggle with anxiety depression and many different things that is invisible to the eye alot of the time.

Yesterday Ange Gregory answered one of of the posts and made a reality to us all.

She had posted this on my post

“? this is my heart ..it is very much broken right now ,its my mums funeral in the morning, lots of limits in place, only 10 of us allowed, have to be distant, no pall bearers, no limo .how do I get through the hardest day of my life unable to give my family a hug ???”

I asked her if she had lost her Mum to coronavirus she hadn’t. She replied…

Blackpool’s Voice hi ,no it wasn’t covid, but it was very sudden on the 21st of March, my dad found her in the morning, turns out to have been pneumonia caused by copd, neither of which we knew she had ,it was also the day my son was due to get married, that didn’t happen..and my poor dad is disabled he needs 24 hour care and he lives an hour away ,so in all this mess we cant evan be there for him ..its all just too much all at once for any family to deal with..??

So Ange and her family have lost her Mum. No wedding for their son and now no family grieving together for this poor family only allowed 10. Plus having to stand 2 metres apart.

So please comment here or on the page to share love and support on this sad day for Ange and her family in memory of her Mum. Let’s light a candle paint a picture etc in Ange’s Mum memory and send healing to all those ill right now from Coronavirus or anything else.

But stop have a minute all take a moment to be grateful for all that we have. Some people are going through alot worse.

Stay at home be safe x

Share the love x


  1. We love you ange ❤️ The kids all send tight squeezes and kisses .. and don’t be worrying about Sean, I will look after him. Your mum would be so proud of you all, and one day we will get our wedding xxx


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