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Let’s get Blackpool tidy.


Many times we do stories we have comments put on the link. Like “oh it looks a s*** hole and wouldn’t live there. Well we the community are bothered. It’s the small minority that isn’t. If you see rubbish dumped or a alley way full of rubbish etc. CLICK HERE and report to the council. Plus send a picture to us.

We all need to do our bit to make our town better.

If you have some rubbish to remember there is BULKY MATTERS they will take your broken fridges freezers etc but remember charities will appreciate clean working items and furniture with fire labels including us at Blackpools Voice you can drop off at 42-44 Foxhall Road Blackpool FY15AD. Please call 📞 07377433434 see if we have the space.

Any alley ways please report if they are full of rubbish and over flowing bins.

Also report Dog fouling there is just no need pick it up and bin it. So everyone isn’t trailing it everywhere!!

We have parts of Blackpool that let Blackpool down. Suggestions how we the residents can help.

This will be added to as we find more information. Just let us know. You the community are Blackpools Voice reporters.

Hear some news tell us so we can let Blackpool know and up-to-date.

Just like the contact form.