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Leave only footprints on our coastline. Competition Time too.


This post is going to be updated as soon as more things come along.

Blackpool Lancashire has always been known for the memories made by children over the years. When you meet people out of town and tell them where you are from you will be told of a tale or too from years gone by.

Thousands flock every year to our town to go to the beach, The illuminations, Blackpool Tower, Pleasure beach, Sea life centre, Madam Tussauds, Coral Island, The air show, World Fireworks Championship and much much more.

This year saw a dramatic change in Blackpool and across the UK with the Coronavirus setting in at the time when Blackpool was just about to start off the season. Blackpool had been hoping for a beautiful summer which came but unfortunately we didn’t comprehend ever having to deal with a virus causing a lockdown.

During this lockdown at a time of so much uncertainty surrounding our lives businesses and the economy the whole town has been affected. This has stopped visitors and dramatic drop in people on our beach and prom.

We have been in undated with beautiful pictures of our town with blue sky, clean beach and blue sea.

Here are just a few.

Nice clean beach

We then had when Boris Johnson The Prime minister who relaxed the Lockdown by saying you can drive to go and exercise which then brought in visitors that we were not ready for and many places shut including the public toilets.

We then have had pictures of rubbish all across our beach and streets. But also messages where people had been seen urinating down alleys etc. We cannot allow this to continue especially when we have seen the difference in a few weeks. So we are asking that at this moment VISITORS PLEASE STAY AWAY. We are not ready for you nothing much is open including the toilets.

So like Stay Blackpool who we are connecting with we are asking people that when they leave the beach to LEAVE ONLY THEIR FOOTPRINTS BEHIND. We MUST protect our beaches and also keep on top of how the town looked during the lock down before the slight lift.

We the locals must be part of this. Yes it is the visitors and the locals that are dropping the rubbish. But we need the visitors to come and keep our businesses going. So we the Community must join forces to make this town stay looking as good as it has.

Maybe we could have walks uniting people and where we could collect rubbish off our beaches.

Lyndsay Fieldsend Hotelier,a lovely lady who is a beach hero by going with her family and collecting rubbish off our beach.

She has told me of how many bags of rubbish she has collected in last few days during the slight lift in lock down. So many bags. But also people messaging her telling her where rubbish is and seeing people saying of rubbish instead of actually putting the rubbish in the bin themselves.

Also her son name is Bailey Fieldsend. He was cleaning up the beach using a bag they had found dumped on the beach. As we went to add the rubbish in the bin. The lifeboat volunteer came over and asked what he was doing so Bailey explained. He said he had been watching. He called the other volunteers out to give Bailey a round of applause. He then explained he was from the council and his job was keeping the beaches clean and he was proud as we had won a clean seas award which Lindsay was aware of. Lindsay told him he was fantastic and did a great job. He then praised Bailey. He told him he was going to give him some goodies and told Bailey to come back on the following Wednesday to ride in the RNLI jeep alongside him to release the lifeboats. Bailey was thrilled. Lindsay tries whenever she can to collect rubbish. Lindsay is like us at Blackpool’s Voice very passionate about the ocean, the beach and Blackpool. Lets all take a leaf out of young Baileys book and help to keep Blackpool clean and tidy.

Here is Bailey

Bailey collecting his goodies and ready to have some fun

Have you been cleaning up today

Bailey ready to go

For Coronavirus guidelines please click here

Bailey having a ride in the RNLI jeep.


Blackpool’s Voice is now running a competition to design a poster to be distributed in Blackpool.

We want people to only leave their footprints behind on our beach. So we are asking for a poster to be designed around the slogan Leaving only your footsteps behind.

You can send your pictures to our facebook page. Or Email

Closing date will be Wednesday 10th June 2020.

The winner will be chosen by a votes system on here.

The winner will win £50 to be announced on the Sunday 14th June 2020

Good luck

Also to let you know that a group has been set up by Steven King called the THE BIG Blackpool Beach Clean. Please join and invite friends too.

Any more news, ideas, pictures etc let us know.

Thanks for reading.



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