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How is this making you feel?


This is thinking about everyone. How is this making us all feel?

So lets start with the babies. The parents who have brought into this world their precious babies. New life to their family. Imagine its the time when you take your baby to go and meet the family. But you cant. Introducing your precious gift over facetime messenger skype etc. Plus the supporting of new Mum’s how many are going to have postnatal depression after this?

Then the toddlers who are use to now going to nursery seeing family. Dad and Mum home everyday. Not going out the routines all to pot. Parents struggling and trying to find a way to make things work.

Teenagers well this is a hard one we see where the young ones are out on the street. These teenagers are also struggling. Parents home 24/7 not working. Parents struggling financially emotionally etc. Teenagers just don’t know what to do. They have their phones social media etc but its not the same as going out. We’ve given them freedom to stay out later and now we are telling them to stay in. I’ve seen posts where teenagers have actually taken their own life by things that usually wouldn’t affect them so much. Also what about the children / teenagers that are carers. From part time carers due to them being at school to then be full time carers. Also those that parents who are alcoholics and drug users. The parents already struggling with depression anxiety etc. Who’s supporting the teenagers? So many self harming etc.

Older generations – yes they know how to survive on less than what we are use to but its the uncertainty no time scale of all this. How long does the money need to last. When can you go back to work and again having to be with your partner 24/7. Alot of the time people have their own hobbies or jobs etc so they have a break. Sometimes where a partner finds out that their partner is struggling but didn’t realize till now. Whether its grieving, eating disorders drinking problems etc. It can put a strong strain on a relationship. Some were already in a bad relationship ie Domestic violence or mental abuse etc and now stuck with no breaks. Domestic violence is on the increase at the moment we are being told. Is it on the rise or always been this high but now they are together all the time its even worse when the partners really can’t take anymore?

The reality is we are all struggling. We at Blackpools Voice reach out to you all and say if you need us REACH OUT. You are not alone for two reasons.

1 Everyone is going through emotional and mental issues.

2 You can message us and we will support you.

We have helped people at there lowest. Standing outside properties to talk to people, ringing them and checking in on them daily, finding laptops and mobile phones so they get work and keep in contact with family and friends. If you can donate either please click contact us on here. we will collect.. We also have many groups in our town who are connecting to support you all.

Can we also say if you know someone struggling ask them to message us.

We have helped people from kitting places out as they have nothing to taking food parcels out to talking and helping those who cannot take no more.


Every single one of you are important. Everyone needs to be listened to whether you are a man or a woman.

The first step is to ask for help.

Please check friends family your neighbours etc.



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