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Honk for Hope on way to Blackpool




Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, much of the Coach Tourism industry has been static since late March, with absolutely zero income. Whilst other business’s return to operation and some form of normality, Tourism is expected to continue to feel the effects of this terrible pandemic for much, much longer than most.

Despite this, other industry sectors with similar dilemmas, such as Public Transport and the Arts, are receiving billions from Government in grants and bailouts. Sadly, with the exception of the Job Retention Scheme, the Coach Tourism Industry has been offered nothing other than an option of repayable loans.

Our Industry, that so many hoteliers and attractions rely on (and not just in Blackpool!) has to date, been abandoned by Government and in an attempt to generate some awareness to our plight, we need all the help and support we can muster!

‘Honk For Hope’ is a peaceful demonstration designed solely to do gain awareness and hopefully, make the government sit up, listen and help. Similar things have happened in Germany and Ireland which bore immediate fruit and financial support to their industries.

So, on Tuesday 14th July, Honk for Hope is heading to Blackpool and it would be great if any of our industry partners and friends could get outside of their hotels, offices and homes to show this movement some support. As mentioned, many of the hoteliers and attractions in this resort rely on the groups of people visiting Blackpool, but there is a serious risk that many coach companies won’t be around to keep bringing people here, if something is not done soon!

Starting at 11:00, a convoy of coaches will head along the M55, down Squires Gate Lane to Starr Gate, along Blackpool Promenade to Gynn Square and then back again. All of the coaches present, with their owners / drivers, will then congregate at Fox Brothers Haulage (Behind the B&M Warehouse) on Squires Gate Lane Industrial Estate and remain there until early afternoon. Hoteliers and business owners reliant on Coach Tourism are welcome to speak to the press at Fox Brothers, tell them how much our industry means to your business and how much it will suffer without it!

On Tuesday 14th July, if you see our demonstration from your car then please “Honk for Hope”, or get onto the Promenade, wave banners, flags, clap, cheer, ANYTHING, but please help support our industry so it can continue to support yours…

Thank you”
A very well Written post by Andrew Nessworthy , operations manager at G Line coach holidays.


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