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Couple has money stolen

Couple has money stolen

Good evening all. Blackpools Voice has been helping alot behind the scenes. One couple we have been helping and they were finally getting on their feet.

Due to Blackpools Voice showing that people do care they themselves were trying to help someone. We cannot go into it at the moment as it’s being dealt with by the police but the ladies purse got stolen.

They were just trying to help. They are so upset and have now a month of no money. She was going shopping next day etc. These are two genuine people and it’s the truth as I took them to the police station to give statement.

If anyone has food, toiletries or anything to get them through the month it will be appreciated and Blackpool’s Voice will gladly collect.

Please contact us with your address and number.

Thank you so much. We have given some to tie them over the weekend and are in touch with council already and will be ringing to ask them to help them in such circumstances.

Thank you hope you are having a great weekend and to our couple things will get better.


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