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25 million what would you do with it in Blackpool? Let...

Our town is due a make over. Not just the font stage even our residential streets. On helping build and strengthen our...

Please print share and deliver.

Good morning all x Firstly to all those helping, supporting, caring, sharing, and taking time out in all of this thank you. Anyone...

Lingerie store in Blackpool broken into for the 3rd time.

This morning customers of The Lingerie Lounge heard the terrible news that it had been broken into again. The Lingerie Lounge on...

Hit and run in Blackpool

Serious incident hit and runTwo lads have been going aprox 70mph and has just crashed into a car with a toddler in...

Who has got a celebration during lock down??

So many people are struggling. Even down to families not seeing relations on their birthday. So we thought we...

The heart break of a storm – Updated.

Families today are heart broken to see their loved ones graves flooded when they were told it had been sorted.

Blackpool Police look for those responsible. Do you know who did??

The Policing Team on Claremont have been made aware of this mindless criminal damage on the park. A lot of effort has...

Police swoop in on stolen motorbikes.

So many motorbikes and mopeds disappearing/ stolen. Police have found where some of them have ended up. Has your...

Cat missing 6 months. Did you take a cat in or...

PLEASE SHARE PUBLICLY? Aimee Rawcliffe like many have lost their pets can you help and share.

Wanted Police Community Support Officers

Lancashire Police are currently recruiting for the job position of Police Community Support Officers. With this in mind Blackpool Police have arranged...

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Peaceful Protest at Stanley Park Fri 5th June

The protest is regards to the injustice of what is happening In America to the black community, not just in the USA...