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Good morning all. Hope you are all well.

This morning I want to say about the amount of people I speak too.
It starts with a food parcel then I get talking and I eventually hear their life story which is why I wanted the other property for the Food Bank and Community Support.
During this time I am heart broken to say how many people come in and tell me of their troubled childhood. Some parents that were just nasty but some that have been abused etc but it’s the numbers of it that gets me. This in some only comes out when they have children themselves x

They want to make their children’s life perfect because theirs was not. There is no time in your life that is to late fir counselling. There is not a to late button to open up and tell someone.
Some have come in to see me and tell me things no one in the world knows not even their partner due to sadness and shame.

All I say is if you would like to come and release your past and help for the future then please do.
If something has happened recently and you are trapped and no one to tell please come and see us at Blackpools Voice.

We have got alot more to bring to Blackpools Voice and only getting bigger. We are here to help and support those in need.

36 Foxhall Road is the Community Support Centre and Food Bank.
42-44 Foxhall Road Blackpool FY15AD
Charity Shop and where you can drop donations off and collects items you’ve won on the Blackpool’s Voice Online Auction

Thank you for reading have a beautiful day x You are worth it you are special x

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