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Ashleigh speaks up for those struggling

Ashleigh speaks up for those struggling

Ashleigh Price contacted Blackpool’s Voice to ask if could help her as she is determined to get the word out there about the disease she has to live with  💜 Please help us by sharing Ashleighs story 💜

So this is a bit of a hard one to write, but I’ve been struggling with this issue for sometime now. It might be a bit of a long read but hey, here goes….🤦‍♀️

💜 First off I’d like to point out that I am not looking for sympathy of any kind whatsoever, I just want to get the message out there about this horrible chronic condition I have and my experience with it. ❤️ If you don’t have any interest then please scroll on….👀

💜 Some of you may know, and others may not, but I suffer with a skin condition called Hidradenitis Supperativa. The video gives a pretty good insight into what life is like. (Thank you to the lovely Elise for letting me share her story)

💜 I’ve had multiple surgeries (getting into the 40’s now) over the last two years, the sepsis situation that nearly killed me off ☠️and having to have nurses pack and dress the surgical sites daily.

💜 I’ve suffered in silence since I was 17 (I’m now 31 and at stage 3) I’ve been stared at in the street because of my body (back of my neck/underarms), more recently limping and using a stick because it’s painful to walk and been told I need to wash more(you’ve probably never met someone that showers as much as I do 😂) Being pushed from pillar to post with doctors that have no clue what’s going on with my body is not only frustrating but exhausting.

💜 I’ve seen countless dermatologists, specialists in London and other health practitioners over this and I had been waiting for a date for major surgery for over a year and finally got a call in March to go in, then boom, because of Coronavirus the NHS stopped all non-emergency elective surgeries, so I’m waiting for a new date at present.

💜 Last week was national HS awareness week 💜 and I’ve wanted to post something about this for sometime, I’ve written countless posts like this and never hit publish because I’ve been too scared of what other people think, and how other people would judge me.

💜 But over the lockdown period I seem to have come to terms a lot more with the cards I have been dealt, and met a great bunch of girls with the same condition, I learnt that I am not alone anymore. I am enough.

💜 Of course through all of this I met my fiancé (only I could meet someone when I was on my actual deathbed 😂😂) who has been so supportive from day 1, I don’t know what I would do without him; David you are my rock and totally amazing ❤️

💜 So yeah, have a watch of of the videos if you want to , it might give you some insight into what life with Hidradenitis Supperativa is about. If you feel like sharing my story then great, if I can help just even 1 person then my work here is done ❤️😘 you never know who is facing a silent battle alone 💜

💜My inbox is always open, if you’re suffering with anything at all then all you have to is say hello ❤️🌈❤️

Click here to hear Ashleigh’s video.

Click here to listen to Elise’s story


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