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A new venture out of an enquiry


Right place right time but also a great idea to keep memories.

Dawn Preston Lewis a volunteer at His Provision got talking about what she does in her spare time. She hand sews blankets for people from babies to young children to Dads Mums and Grandparents.

Even for pets with us and those passed away.

Like most of us Dawn is juggling time, but Dawn told us she just made some for friends and family and then sent messages to mums who were selling baby clothes on facebook and enquired if they were interested in having a blanket made from some of the clothes before they sold them and soon it took off. Dawn loves sewing and cross stitch. We asked her how many had she made already. Dawn’s reply
Including samples, gifts I have made for family and friends I have made approx 50 blankets in the last 6 months”

(Having lost my daughter and also pets an order or two will be put in. Author)

Memories are magical and great to keep and use.

These are some of Dawn’s creations. Please take a look and when you contact Dawn mention Blackpools Voice.

We wish Dawn all the luck and thank you for all you do for our town.

This one was in memory of a dog that had passed away his coats and favourite teddy.
☆☆Dawn’s details Dream & Memories☆☆


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